Jennifer Case

Jennifer Case is Profes­sor and Head of the Department of Engine­ering Education at Virginia Tech in the USA. Prior to her appointment in this post she was a Profes­sor in the Department of Chemical Engine­ering at the Univers­ity of Cape Town, wh­ere she retains an honorary appointment. She completed post­graduate studies in the UK, Australia and South Africa. With more than two deca­des of undergraduate teaching and curric­ulum reform work, she is also a renowned researcher in engin­eering education and higher education. Her work especially on the student exper­ience of learning as well as on topics around teaching and curriculum, has been widely published. She was the founding president of the Sou­th African Society for Engineering Educa­tion (SASEE). She is a coordinating edi­tor for the internat­ional journal Higher Education and a co-­editor for the Routl­edge/SRHE series Res­earch into Higher Ed­ucation.