Submission topics

The Third International Conference of the Portuguese Society for Engineering Education (CISPEE 2018), dedicated to the theme “Changing Higher Education One Teacher at a Time”, that will be held at the University of Aveiro, Portugal, from June 27th to June 29th of 2018, will start shortly accepting presentation proposal in the Conference topics.

The Conference topics include:

  • Current Engineering Higher Education Teaching and Learning and the Teacher Profile
  • Leadership and Management in Higher Education Institutions
  • Teaching and Learning Methodologies and Competences in Higher Education
  • Monitoring and Evaluation in Higher Education
  • Engineering Courses and Curricula
  • Physical and Digital Technologies in Engineering Teaching and Learning
  • Teaching and Learning Evaluation and its relation with Society
  • Training of Engineers for the World and for Humanity

The list is not closed therefore suggestions are welcomed.

Submission of abstracts and articles

The conference will use the English language for its written work, but it will also be possible to submit written contributions in Portuguese. In any case, all presentations (including the slides) must be in English. If applicable, the possibility of organizing a restricted number of sessions with Portuguese communications shall be considered by the Conference Organization.

Types of Submission

Authors may submit articles that present relevant research, development, application, or innovation work on issues related to the topic list. Papers can be submitted in two alternative formats, abstract only or article. Both will be subject to scientific review and, if accepted, included in the conference program for presentation.

Abstract Submission

One-page abstracts must be submitted using the following format (MS Word). If accepted, in addition to being considered for presentation (oral or poster), they will be integrated into an electronic book of abstracts of the conference.

Article submission

The length of papers may range between a minimum of 4 pages and a maximum of 10. All articles accepted (in English) will be submitted for indexing by IEEE Xplore Digital Library. Accepted papers will be considered for oral or poster presentation. The abstracts will also be integrated into an electronic book of abstracts of the conference.

Following the Conference and in addition to the proceedings supported and indexed by IEEE Xplore Digital Library, a special issue will be provided by the International Journal of Engineering Education, devoted to CISPEE 2018 and to which Authors will be invited to contribute with extended versions of their presented abstracts/papers. These extended papers will follow the pre-defined peer-reviewing process typically adopted by IJEE.
Furthermore, and with the support of Springer International Publishing, a book will be edited with invited contributions (chapters) from selected invited participants, within the thematic of the Conference, and aiming to provide a reference work for the future.


Format for Submission

Articles should be submitted in the following format (MS Word or LaTeX). In the initial submission, the names of the authors should not be filled in order to ensure the impartiality of the review process.

Submission and review

The submission process is done electronically. The selection process includes two stages:

  • Initial Submission – An electronic version (PDF) of the article is submitted anonymously (i.e. without reference to the authors). It is then reviewed and accepted or not. The Program Committee may consider acceptance for oral or poster presentation. The authors will be notified of the decision.
  • Final submission and registration of the author – Authors of accepted papers should submit the final version in PDF format according to the instructions available and taking into account the comments of the reviewers. At least one of the authors has to register to attend the conference and present the article. It should be noted that only articles submitted can be considered for indexing by IEEE Xplore Digital Library.