Gil Andrade-Campos

Obtained the Mechanical Engineering degree in the University of Coimbra and completed PhD in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Aveiro in 2005. Since BEng, A. Gil Andrade-Campos was a researcher in the LM3 (Laboratoire de Microstructure et Mécanique des Materiaux) of ENSAM, Paris, and invited researcher in LG2M (Université de Bretagne-Sud). As Assistant Professor in the University of Aveiro, A. Gil Andrade-Campos was responsible for three course subjects and teached in more than eight subjects. He is also a certified trainer and has participated in several courses in the program FADES. He is the programme director of the Master of Sustainable energy Systems in the University of Aveiro. A. Gil Andrade-Campos is author of two books, more than three dozens of published scientific articles in international journals with referee, chapters of books and more than sixty articles in conferences of specific scientific field. He is still author of two patents. He has also won scholarships from the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. He is a recipient of the Special prize of the Jury of Scientific prize of ESAFORM 2013. A. Gil Andrade-Campos coordinated three projects financed by the Portuguese Science foundation FCT (>500k€) and participated in more than five research projects. He has successfully supervised three PhDs and more than twenty Master works. He has been member of organizer committees of conferences and symposiums in conferences of the specialty. He was chairman of a NAFEMS International workshop and of the First ECCOMAS Young Investigators Conference on Computational Methods in Applied Sciences (YIC2012). He is effective member of the Portuguese National Engineers Association.

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