Robertt Valente

Robertt Valente (b. 1973) is PhD in Mechanical Engineering (University of Porto, Portugal, 2004) and Assistant Professor at the Department of Mechanical Engineering (DME), University of Aveiro (UA), Portugal. He has dedicated his professional life to university teaching on technical subjects as well as on product / software development and societal entrepreneurship. His background is mainly related to computational mechanics and design of mechanisms and structures, although at the same time being involved in a large number of initiatives to promote the research and science among the younger people at University of Aveiro (Live Science Initiatives; Summer Academy UA; Open Week of Science and Technology; to name but a few). Robertt Valente was the Director of the Integrated Master Course on Mechanical Engineering between 2005 and 2011, being responsible (among other things) for the strategic planning, development and implementation of the Bologna Process in the Department of Mechanical Engineering as well as for the coordination of the program for inclusion of senior citizens at the DME-UA. Apart his activities as a faculty member, Robertt Valente is engaged in learning and gaining competencies in transverse subjects related to emotional intelligence and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and their applications within the University.

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