João Dias-de-Oliveira

Graduated from his PhD in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Aveiro in March 2013 and is currently an Assistant Professor in the same institution, where he has lectured several subjects, such as Engineering and Product Development, Technical Drawing, Thermal Machines, Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing, Production Technologies. He has worked as a lecturer not only in the context of Mechanical Engineering, but also keeps a close connection to Design, Graphical and industrial. He is a member of GRIDS Research Group since its founding in January 2003, as well as a member of the network “Hands-on Science” since July 2014. He is the coordinator of actions for the approach to young students and new audiences at the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Aveiro. This is mostly done through outreach events and promotion of scientific culture, as Summer Academies, Open Weeks for Science and Technology, guided visits to the Department of Mechanical Engineering, etc. In addition, João was involved in the scientific promotion project Mecânica Viva. Moreover, he has been faculty advisor of the Formula Student team of University of Aveiro since 2010. He has also developed several activities and presentations integrated in the support activities for the PMATE – National Science Championships program for high school students in 2014 and for the Junior Campus 2014 and 2015 programs. Furthermore, João has been involved in several other STEM promotion activities over the years. Take for example collaborations with high-school activities or as a judge in several editions of the European BEST Engineering Competitions (EBEC), organised by the Board of Engineering Students of Technologies (BEST), regional and national rounds.

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