Victor Neto

Victor Neto is an invited assistant professor and researcher of the Department of Mechanical Engineering/Centre for Mechanical Technology and Automation (University of Aveiro, Portugal). His background education is on Engineering (Physics (MSc, 2004) and Mechanics (PhD, 2008)) and Management (MSc, 2012). His lecturing subjects are mainly related with Manufacturing Technologies. His research work is related with the development of new products incorporating nanotechnology and on narrowing the gap between science and industrial entrepreneurial application. Furthermore, he is and has been also enrolled on the coordination and participation of several research projects (governmental and industry) and on the management of scientific events, chairing the “Challenges in Using Nanoengineering in Industry” workshop (2015), the 9th Experimental Mechanics National Congress (2014), he 5th International Conference on Advanced Nano Materials (2014), the 5th International Conference on Polymer Behaviour (2012), among others. He has also been involved the coordination and development the University of Aveiro Science and Technology Open Week and Summer Academy. He is member of the Ibero-American network “NANODYF – Network for Dissemination and Education Network in Nanotechnology” and of the network “Hands-on Science”. Victor Neto has been involved also in other roles in university government boards and also in societal institution, such as in Caritas Aveiro or Corpo Nacional de Escutas (Scouts).

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