Engineering Education Forum 2016

EEF2016 – Past, Present and Future

The Engineering Education Forum (EEF2016) intends to be a place for the discussion and debate of “Engineering Education”. It will focus on past, present and future trends, with the objective of increasing the awareness of the stakeholders for this thematic and promoting the integration between Students, Teachers, Industry and Society. With a special focus on Students, this event will gather and connect all the main actors, so that not only the Education of Engineering itself can be discussed, but mostly its impact over the several levels of society that the students will one day find and interact with. It will be an assessment experience, but it will also be an event to pave new routes and discuss solutions. It will gather data, analyse it, program the steps for a better engineering training and start to work on its implementation. Sessions will be organized over a round-table format, with reference personalities of all involved fields and most relevant institutions. This event will be only the beginning of a path towards a true impact on society and on the way we teach engineering.

Date > June 22, 2016

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